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and see miracles

and hear God

“Wow, this is gorgeous!"

"I can't tell you how much this blesses me!”

"This book is my most prized possession."

I hope you've experienced the kind of joy I'm now living everyday: the joy in knowing that you're using your God-given gifts to bring glory to Him and life, light and love to others. 

I believe God gives us each unique gifts and has unique plans for our lives -- and when you’re using those gifts and seeking to follow His plan, amazing things happen.  For more than two years now, I've been blessed to uncover gifts that I'd only dabbled with and plans that I could have barely imagined…and I'm awestruck at what is unfolding before me.  Even after taking almost a year off to focus on an unexpected battle with breast cancer, I've emerged even more inspired and energized to share this gift with you.

Through this website I’m inviting you to share with me in experiencing some “Wow, God!” moments.  Whether they come when you browse through my newly published books or as you get ideas for custom books that we could publish together, I pray that your time here will refresh, encourage and inspire you.

and create a legacy

and change a life