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Forgiven and Set Free

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Forgiven and Set Free was created for women taking part in a Bible study to address unresolved issues such as guilt, anger and grief from a past abortion.

These verses and photographs follow a path of forgiveness and healing. Though they specifically relate to post-abortion healing, they are also applicable to anyone grieving or facing the spiritual and life consequences of damaging behavior and decisions.

As I have shared this book with others, I see how it touches each in unique ways. I've watched as parents mourning the death of a child shed healing tears - grieving, revisiting anger and sorrow - but finding peace, comfort and hope in God's Word. I've seen others smile in recognition of His amazing grace in their life. With others I've been able to share more about each photograph and verse and how they spoke to me so strongly.

I come away from each encounter encouraged and enriched by each person's unique journey and perspective - and confident in God's healing power.

What Others are Saying:

"Powerful!  God is so good."  Linda M., Fort Collins, CO

"The incredible photographs in this book make each verse come alive for me in a way that I had never seen before. These verses are so healing and so powerful." Cris F., Post Abortion Counselor, Fort Collins, CO
Sneak Peek

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