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National Parks Geology Field Trip


Book Details: 11x13 inches, 76 pages
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National Parks Geology Field Trip:
ISU College for Seniors
July 2009

This book is a coffee table travel book featuring the personal photographs of Bill and Laura LaGrange as they traveled with Professor Carl Vondra on the Iowa State University College for Seniors 2009 national parks and monuments geology field trip.  Featured sites include Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore National Monument, Devils Tower National Monument, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park as well as other sites of geological and historical interest in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Any of you who participated in this trip are welcome to order this book as is, or order a customized version featuring your photos.


Customized Versions Available for as Little as $85

If you would like your own customized version (substituting your individual shots as well as any scenic shots you took), I'd be happy to design that for you. 

For an additional $10 ($85 plus $7 shipping), I'll be happy to replace the photos of Bill and Laura with photos of you.  If you'd like me to add additional photos and pages I can do that as well.  Please use the Contact Carolyne page to get in touch with me and I'll give you a firm quote for the cost.

What Others are Saying:

"This looks great!  What a wonderful job you did on this one as well as Rocks and More Rocks."  Bill LaGrange, Ames, IA

"Terrific!"  Laura LaGrange, Ames, IA

(Okay, I know they're biased.)
Sneak Peek

Here's a quick peek at the pages in National Parks Geology Field Trip.  To view a full-sized preview of the entire book, click here.