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Bible Verse Anagrams


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This book started as a project to preserve the ABC Bible verses our family memorized when the kids were in Kindergarten. As I compiled photos for a classic "A is for Apple" book, I discovered a hidden anagram treasure jumping out from the "D" verse, illustrated by our goofy dog, Genevieve:

"Depart from evil and do good."

(In case you're scratching your head, trying to remember what anagrams are, they're words found within another word or phrase).

Finding anagram illustrations for each verse meant turning my brain and my photo collection upside down. In sharing this goofy glimpse into our life, I hope you'll laugh along with us as you uncover each anagram and learn each verse, A to G ("God is love") to Z.

Have fun discovering the anagrams hidden in each of these ABC Bible verses. The photo with each alphabet letter gives you a clue about what to look for. Dig into the verse to find the "red letters" that spell it out exactly. Dig deeper and memorize the verse -- and you're guaranteed to grow closer to God himself.

Bible Verse Anagrams A to Z is perfect for kids 3-8 years old, but fun for their parents and other adults too.  This makes a great gift for the children in your life.

What Others are Saying:

"This is such a fun book, and such a great way to pour valuable scripture into young minds.  My 3-year-old son wants to read this every night and calls it 'my Bible.'  This is one of our most treasured books."  Jana J., Loveland, CO

"I love this book and so does my 5-year-old!  The photos make us laugh each time we read it and he loves to look for the anagrams in each verse.  And he's learning these great verses and having fun at the same time.  Thanks, Carolyne!"  Shellie S., Fort Collins, CO
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