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Blessed is He

Examples of Customized Blessed is He Books

Gift, Family Blessings
12 x 12 inches, 54 pages

Gift, Family Blessings
12 x 12 inches, 60 pages

Gift, Family Blessings
12 x 12 inches, 56 pages

Honor someone who has blessed your life with a book made uniquely for them.  Blessed is He combines your special family photos with hand selected scenic photographs, overlaid with beautiful "blessed is he" scriptures.  It can also include handwritten letters and images of family keepsakes.  

Each book is professionally designed to bookstore quality standards, featuring your family photos in a magnificent 12x12 inch coffee table book. 

This makes a wonderful birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Father's Day gift.  It would also make a perfect retirement gift for a pastor or someone who has faithfully served your organization. It can be given as a group gift, sharing the cost and effort of contributing photos and memories.  And once designed, multiple copies can be ordered to give everyone involved their own keepsake copy. 

And though this was originally designed as a gift for a man, it can be easily adapted as a gift for a woman (Blessed is She) or a couple (Blessed are Those).

How It Works

I'll need about 31 photos from you, plus any letters or other items you'd like included in the book.  If you already have the photos on your computer or camera, you can e-mail them or save them to a flash drive, camera card or CD.  I'm also happy to scan them for you, restore scratched or faded photos and create a archive CD for a small additional charge.  I'll give you a firm price before I begin designing the book, so you'll know exactly what my fees will be as well as the cost of book copies.

Once I have your photos, I'll hand select photographs from my personal collection to serve as the backdrop for the "blessed" scriptures.  I'll complete the book layout and design and review it with you (in person or over the phone with you viewing it on-line).  As soon as you're completely satisfied with the book, we'll order as many copies as you'd like.  

When we get started we'll agree on a deadline for getting the book finished and in your hands.  It's usually prudent to get started at least a month before you need the book, to allow for planning, design and publishing time.  

Here are some more details about pricing, photos needed and time lines.  

When you're ready to talk about ideas, just
give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.  I'd love to work with you!

What Clients are Saying

"This is the best gift I've ever received!  I am truly honored."  Dennis H., Fort Collins, CO

"My brothers, sisters and mom gave this book to my dad for his 80th birthday.  He was thrilled with this gift and we are glad to have copies for our own families.  I so appreciate how Carolyne selected photos from our family albums and fit them perfectly with the verses and background photos.  This book is beautiful!"  Penni G., Greeley, CO